Solar Energy Finance Solutions

Innovative finance solutions created for Profit and Non-profit business segments looking to go solar or sale back previously installed systems.

  • Tax liability cannot use the 30% federal tax credit
  • Desirous to use capital on principal business
  • Burdensome to primary business to maintain and manage system
  • No capital cost to construct the solar system
  • No operating, maintenance, or repair costs or worries
  • Immediate savings the day system is commissioned
  • Available for Profit and Non-profit entities
  • Future buyout options available at a reduced cost
  • Options to keep off balance sheet as a liability

Energy Management

SHOREBREAK is your partner

The State of California adopted a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that requires the three investor-owned utilities (SCE, PG&E and SDG&E) procure 33% of the energy from renewable sources by the year 2020. This requirement is driving development of larger solar energy systems on vacant parcels land that are located near existing transmission lines.

Many of these projects are being developed in the desert regions that surround Southern California and typically fall in the 1-20 MW range in size (5-50 acres). Much larger systems you hear about on the news (100-500 MW+) tend to hit many roadblocks that jeopardize their success in getting built, so the utilities are putting more effort into getting smaller project built. Perhaps your land might be a suitable host.

For our clients, Our Finance Assessment starts with accurately mapping the energy usage patterns of the property. This allows us to understand the key drivers of your energy costs and identify the in-house finance solutions and their benefits to your specific operation. Your project is qualified internally without delay, expediting your projects installation and immediate savings.