Solar Energy For Agricultural/Land Providers

With utility rates continually on the rise, solar energy provides a hedge against rate inflation.

  • Utility is an unavoidable cost to your business’s operations
  • Rates continue to escalate annually to make up for antiquated infrastructure
  • Any increase in operating expenses affects your bottom-line
  • Turn unused space into a new revenue source
  • Roof tops, parking lots, and empty space instantly become valuable assets
  • Increased capitalization rates with increased revenue

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Energy Management

SHOREBREAK is your partner

A true cost savings mechanism, solar is an affordable on-site power generation source that maximizes profitability for business owners by lower their unavoidable net operating expense and leveling the cost of electricity for the future. Our tailored-made solution creates a new revenue stream by integrating solar on the unused land/space – ground mounts, barn roofs and shade structures in the parking lots and storage yards.

As soon as your solar energy system begins producing electricity for you, the savings start to accumulate. The financial world has taken notice and many of this country’s largest banks and financial institutions offer 100% financing to eligible property owners for the installation of a solar energy system.